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There’s nothing more self-assuring than waking up in the morning, walking in front of the mirror, and loving how you look.

Loving how your curves are perfectly proportionate, how voluptuous your butt is, and how your breasts look with each and every outfit.

If the years have gone by and you’ve noticed certain parts starting to sag and droop, especially your breasts, we have just the solution for you.

Breast enhancement is a safe and effective way to restore your bosom’s lost volume, revive their natural, lifted shape, and revitalize the perkiness they’ve lost over the years.

So, once again, you can look in the mirror and absolutely love what you see.

But, in regards to aesthetic procedures like breast enhancement, there are always some key concerns. For example, many women believe they’ll lose sensitivity throughout the nipple. Others have concerns about breastfeeding with implants.

That’s why today I’m addressing each and every concern you have about breast enhancement – so you can love your breasts again without worrying about what could happen.

Below are the most common concerns women want to discuss when considering breast enhancement.



While breast enhancement is a great solution to add perkiness and volume to breasts, there is a chance of losing sensation throughout the nipple. It’s not uncommon to experience sensory changes after receiving a breast augmentation, especially with larger implants.

Although, complete nipple sensation loss isn’t very common, with only 15% of people experiencing permanent nipple numbness nationally. Typically, nipple sensation does come back, thus, one should wait 3-6 months for the sensation to return.

Overall, loss of sensitivity isn’t something you should significantly worry about – especially when you weigh it against all of the benefits you’ll experience!


Like any surgical procedure, there comes a risk of infection when receiving a breast enhancement. Typically, an infection occurs within the 2 months following the procedure. One may experience soreness, redness, swelling, and a bit of pain if the area has been infected.

Although, your chances of getting an infection after a breast enhancement are very small; the national average being around 1%. Similar to loss of sensitivity, as far as infections go, there’s really no need to worry about one! As your chances of infection are trivial.


One of the most common concerns with breast enhancement is how it will affect their ability to breastfeed. With implants, most of the time it’s still possible to breastfeed, although the implants may affect your capacity to produce a full supply of breast milk.

Typically, your ability to breastfeed and produce a full supply of milk depends on:

  • The implant placement.
  • The type of implants.
  • The way the surgery was completed.

Additionally, sometimes women are concerned about the chemicals in breast implants that could leak in the breast milk. Some implants contain a saline water solution, which is completely safe when mixed with breast milk! Overall, your inability to breastfeed with either silicone or saline implants is highly unlikely.


If you’ve done a quick Google search on the pain women experience after breast enhancement, you might have come across a few exclaiming, “It felt like a truck ran over me!” or maybe, “It’s as if a few tons were sat on my chest!” But, in reality, it doesn’t have to be that way (and it’s usually not!).

Most of the time, women experience a slight pain similar to being sore from a hard workout at the gym. Their chest feels a bit tight, soreness throughout, and slightly uncomfortable. And while it’s not the most pleasant sensation, it’s not even close to being run over by a truck or sat on by an elephant.

Typically, pain is easy to manage. Although, if you experience intense discomfort, this will subside within two weeks after the surgery. In the first few months, you’ll notice your breasts continue to look better and better once your body adjusts to the implants. Over time, you’ll no doubt love the way they look!


While the actual breast enhancement surgery takes little time, the recovery time takes place over the course of several weeks. Although, everyone’s recovery is different and varies considerably.

In the first 24 to 48 hours, your arm movements will be restricted – which will prohibit you from driving, amongst other things. Additionally, in the first few days, physical activity and strenuous movements should be avoided. Thus, you should have someone help you move around, get dressed, and prepare meals.

Following the first couple of weeks of recovery time, you should be able to resume light daily activities. After four or six weeks, you should start to see the final results of your breast enhancements! With each day, the results should get better and better.


While working your way back up towards strenuous activity after a breast enhancement takes a couple of months, many patients can return to work within the first couple weeks, or even less than a week.

Although, if work requires high amounts of physical exertion, like lifting heavy boxes, give it a couple of months before returning. But light activities such as computer work or desk work can be returned to with the first couple weeks after your breast enhancement.


Immediately after your surgery, once you wake up from the general anesthesia, a friend or family member should be by your side to drive you home. Make sure to ask someone to stay with you for the first night, as you’ll likely be disoriented and groggy from the anesthesia.

Your handy helper should keep you hydrated with water, make sure you take your prescription medication at the right time, and help you make meals! Additionally, don’t drive until you’re completely off prescription pain medication and postpone any activities until you can avoid putting a strain on your incisions.

We hope that this has enlightened you with the common concerns with breast enhancement. So are you ready to give new life to your breasts? Whether you want to restore the shape, get a breast lift after pregnancy, revive their size due to aging, or just achieve the breast size you’ve always wanted, breast enhancement might just be right for you.