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Your nose is one of the most prominent features of your face, and if you’re unhappy with the size or shape of your nose, you may have thought about pursuing rhinoplasty, commonly called a nose job. Steven Schuster, MD, and Daniel S. Kovacs, MD, FACS, of Schuster Plastic Surgery in Boca Raton, Florida, have performed hundreds of rhinoplasty procedures and has perfected the techniques needed to transform your nose to achieve optimal balance with the rest of your facial features. Learn more with a face-to-face consultation, which you can book online or by phone today.

Rhinoplasty Q & A

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that changes the size and shape of your nose. It’s also one of the most common types of cosmetic surgery in the nation. 

Commonly called a nose job, rhinoplasty can achieve the following results:

  • Create a smaller nose
  • Restore proper balance with the rest of your features
  • Correct nasal asymmetry
  • Alter a nose profile with humps or depressions
  • Reduce the width of your nose at the bridge
  • Correct a nasal tip that is bulbous, enlarged, upturned, or drooping

Not all rhinoplasty procedures are done for cosmetic purposes. Some men and women have a deviated septum that interferes with normal breathing. In these cases, a rhinoplasty may be covered by your health insurance. 

What are the steps involved in a nose job?

Schuster Plastic Surgery has an in-house surgical suite to perform rhinoplasty and various other procedures. You can also choose to have your surgery performed in a hospital. 

Anesthesia ensures you’re able to rest comfortably while Dr. Schuster performs your surgery. Once the medication takes effect, he begins by making the incisions needed to access the inner structures of your nose. Incisions may be placed inside your nose or across the strip of tissue between your nostrils, depending on the type of adjustments being made. 

Dr. Schuster gently lifts the skin and removes the bone or cartilage necessary to improve the shape of your nose. If you need to add volume to your nose, cartilage is often transferred from your ear or a section of your ribs. If a deviated septum is present, Dr. Schuster straightens the tissue and ensures there is nothing in the way to block your breathing.

Once he’s pleased with the results, Dr. Schuster closes the incisions and bandages the area. You’ll need to keep any splints, gauze, or packing materials in place for a few days as the healing process begins. 

The postoperative swelling should subside after a few weeks, but it can take as long as a year for the final effects to become apparent. The good news is that your results are permanent, giving you plenty of time to admire your new nose and feel great about the decision to seek a rhinoplasty. 

The process begins with a one-on-one consultation, so call or schedule your visit online today.