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Fue Hair Restoration




If your hair is thinning or your hairline is receding, it might cause you loss of confidence in the way you look and how you think you appear to others.

Hair restoration with FUE hair transplant surgery can remedy this situation by artfully giving you a new and natural-looking hairline.

Thicker and fuller hair will help hide balding areas that can cause embarrassment and concern. The “hair plug” look is unacceptable; transplanted hair will blend in with your existing hair for that natural look that you desire.

Using the latest techniques in FUE (follicular unit extractions) Dr. Schuster and Dr. Kovacs can transform the appearance of your hair using up to 2,000 grafts in a single sitting.

To perform FUE, Dr. Schuster and Dr. Kovacs use the most advanced technology - the SmartGraft - to harvest the hairs and maintain them at the optimal temperature for implantation assuring the highest graft take.

The hair transplant procedure involves moving small hair-bearing scalp grafts from a donor site to a bald or thinning site.

You can feel confident knowing that your procedure was performed by board-certified plastic surgeons who are trained to give you aesthetically pleasing and natural results.

Recovery is rapid and most patients are back to normal activity in just a few days.

In conjunction with hair transplant surgery, physician-strength Minoxidal, Propecia and laser light therapy may be recommended to enhance your result.


People blame baldness on poor circulation to the scalp, vitamin deficiencies, dandruff and wearing hats. None of these theories are true. Hair loss cannot be determined by your grandfather, either. Hair loss is caused by a combination of aging, family history of baldness and hormonal changes.


Now is the time to take charge of your life and make the changes you have dreamed of. Visit for a private consultation and Dr. Schuster or Dr. Kovacs will personally answer your questions.

Men and women who have lost or have thinning hair trust us for our expertise and precise results with hair transplant surgery. We can restore your youthful appearance and self-confidence with a full head of your own hair with natural-looking results. Call us at 561.912.9191 to schedule your consultation. For your convenience, you can use our online Request an Appointment form. Our liposuction patients come to us from Parkland, Delray Baech, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton and neighboring cities and towns.

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